Monday, April 25, 2011


Well hi everybody!

I've been blogging for a while now and felt a constant need of addressing a wider audience. That's why I decided to open a second blog, this time in English.

This is gonna be my personal web space where I will be discussing shit that happens in the world, Web 2.0, rock and roll, concert experiences, people I admire, people I despise, interesting stuff I stumble upon and think are worth sharing, my travels, Macedonia related news, racial stereotypes, love and other disasters, expensive bags and shoes I will probably never have etc... I suppose it's gonna be as well the place where I will be asking rhetorical questions about the phenomenon called "The male brain", and it's mostly gonna be when my boyfriend is gonna piss me off. Don't worry, I know he is, there is no if, he's good at it! It's a repetitive behavior that repeats every 28 +/- 3 days. The diary of a damsel in distress and an independent career oriented woman at the same time. Everything here is my and only my personal point of view of the things. A totally subjective blog, I may say.

So till the next blog post, have a good one!

Macedonia loves you!!!


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