Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love you

I love you because when I say I’m fat, you say: That’s true!

I love you because when I’m mad at you, you say: Oh fuck, PMS again?

I love because when I say “Can I have a bite?”, you say “No, I will buy you your own hamburger”.

I love you because after some while of driving around in a circle, you say to me: “Ok, now you can ask for directions”.

I love you because after trying two pairs of shoes that don’t fit, you say to me: “Ok, can we please go now and have a cup of coffee?”

I love you because before eating something that includes onions, you call me and ask: “Babe, are we going out tonight?”

I love you because when I ask you if you love me, you say: “I find you quite simpatico. “

I love you because you have the guts to leave the phone open while I explain some “important stuff” to you, and than claim you listened to every word I said.

I love you because you call me just to tell me what song is playing in the background at the moment.

I love you because before going out, you call me and ask: “Is it really obligatory that I shave?”

I love you because you jump around like a small child full of joy when I tell you it is not.

I love you because you keep claiming that my dad has an axe in one of the kitchen drawers.

I love you because you’re such a skeptic!

I love you because you come and pick me up, when I’m dressed up as fancy as can be, with all 4 windows open while some shitty turbofolk music is rocking in the background just because you want to have fun looking at my WTF face.

I love you, because when I come with a new haircut and ask you how I look, you say: “Em, new jeans?”

I love you because whenever you sense there is a fight coming up, you start saying the magic words: “Yes darling!”

I love you because you like me most when I wake up – swollen eyes and messed up hair.

I love you because you claim you have 3 other girlfriends.

I love you because you buy 750 ml shower gel when going on vacation.

I love you because when I want to go to another club instead of going home, you start singing: “My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.”

I just… I simply love you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When injustice becomes Law, resistance becomes Duty. - Thomas Jefferson
Many of you probably sense what I’m going to write about in this post. For the ones that are not informed: Remember when Visa, Mastercard and Paypal stopped supporting Wikileaks donations? Well it’s payback time.

The hackers group Anonymous called for a massive boycott on Paypal, asking people to close their accounts. Yes, the hackers group did a bit of a different hack attack this time – no DDoS attacks, this time it’s something completely legal. The reason:  A 20 year old girl arrested for hack attacks facing 15 years in prison and a fine of $500.000 while a rapist gets 11. And here is the fun part: Wikileaks supports them.

#opPayPal instantly became a trending topic on Twitter. Supposedly till now over 35.000 Paypal accounts have been closed. Additional motive for the people to close their accounts was not only that Paypal didn’t support Wikileaks donations, but supports KKK. People continuously complained throughout the day that they weren’t able to close their accounts, so they had to call and to this by phone. Paypal even removed the help page where instructions on how to remove your account were given.

The most interesting part today was not this trending topic though. It was watching how eBay’s stock fall over 3% at the end of the day. Now I don’t have a clue how the stock market works, but it’s more than clear that #opPayPal had an impact on this. Wonder what that drop of 3% means in money? – Over 1 billion U.S. dollars!


What can I say, never underestimate the power of people in large groups. I am really curious how this is going to evolve. Such online activism truly amazes me, and it is the one thing we unfortunately did not use as a weapon when the protests against police brutality in Macedonia were taking place.

P.S. Yes, I closed my PayPal account too. I was gonna do it anyway, never really used it.

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