Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's Macedonia, bitch!!!

When I meet people from a different country, and I don't know anything about that country, I usually get some preliminary information about that country, its people, its traditions, food etc. I try to stay politically correct by not insulting them on subjects like political disputes, historical disputes, tradition disputes etc. And if I somehow manage to insult someone, it's some small group of individuals.

Today Pau Gasol managed to insult me and the whole macedonian nation.

Dear Pau Gasol, it's probably not you who is administrating your FB fan page, but whoever is behind it is speaking in your name, so I can still refer this post directly to you. Don't you FYROM me Gasol, DON'T! SAY MACEDONIA!!!

I sincerely hope this information will somehow get to you and you will realize what you and the person in charge of your FB account have done and have the decency to apologize. It's OK to make a mistake, it's not OK not apologizing for it.

For one thing, you are Catalan, you should know better...

P.S. I send all my love and positive energy to the Macedonian basketball team in Lithuania! It's been a while since I have been walking on the streets with a stupid smile on my face for no reason. Nobody was even dreaming that we would be in the semifinals at the Eurobasket 2011. I hope these moments are going to inspire more kids to start doing sports at an early age so the tradition can go on and we will not remain a one time sensation with its 5 minutes of glory.


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