Sunday, October 16, 2011

Organic my ass! [#bad11]

If there’s one thing that amazes me and pisses me off at the same time it’s how people get influenced by mass propaganda. It’s not something new, it’s been repeating itself throughout history because man has learned that it works! It worked when they tried to convince us that tap water is no good, and it works now when they are trying to sell us organic food. It’s fantastic how after a number of repetitions of a lie, people first start questioning their own positions, then they start believing you with a little dose of doubt, and at the end they have a completely opposite opinion from their original one. After a while even the liars start believing their own lies.

Dear blinded people with a bit of extra cash in your wallet, let me tell you one thing: Organic my ass! Fruits and vegetables are seasonal food. They only grow in a specific time of the year. And they have a specific geometrical shape, which is almost NEVER  perfect. So:

  • If you buy a strawberry with the size of a tomato in February – it’s not organic.
  • If you buy an apple with a perfect round shape in March – it’s not organic.
  • If you buy tomatoes in the middle of winter – they’re not organic.
  • If you buy 1kg cherries, and not a single cherry has a worm inside – they’re not organic.
  • If you buy seedless grapes, it’s genetically modified fruit. And that is not organic. Besides, the seeds contain huge amount of antioxidants. Why would you want to buy seedless grapes? Is it that big of a deal to swallow the seeds? Are we getting so comfortable in our couches that we don't even want to get bothered by seeds?  
  • If you buy some organic soda… what’s organic about soda anyway? I don’t even…
  • If you buy an organic soap, unless it’s made of pig fat, it’s not organic.
  • If you buy organic meat in a supermarket, believe me it’s not organic. Specially if it’s frozen meat.
  • If you buy organic milk, unless it’s freshly squeezed from a cow, it’s not organic.
  • If you buy organic tobacco… I mean really? What’s the point?
  • If you buy a can of organic food, it’s not organic. Cans go with food additives, and food additives are just not organic.

And, this goes for all organic products that can be found in those huge supermarket chains: If it’s mass production, it not organic. Full stop. It just isn’t possible.
My favorite organic product of all times is (which I’ve seen with my own eyes): Nail polish remover without acetone with organic orange oil. This is top of the top. I mean, who buys something like this? Who pays a couple of extra bucks for a nail polish remover just because it has organic orange oil?

Consumerism is a terrible thing. And people just don’t realize that in order to keep the level of consumerism, corporations create demands. And organic food is just one more of those created demands. The sooner you get it, the better for you: The regular tomatoes and the shiny ones are the same crap, just being sold to us in a different package with different labels and a different price. They’re both genetically modified and fertilizers have been applied on both of them.

If you really want to eat healthy, start by eating seasonal food. Understand that lettuce grows in spring, tomatoes in summer, grapes in autumn, and in winter you just have to buy imported stuff from warmer areas, and again, those things are not organic since they’re massively produced for export. Stop eating crap like low fat butter. It’s butter, it’s supposed to be fat.  Stop eating low fat cheese. If it’s low fat it just tastes like soap. Stop eating snacks. Especially low fat snacks. Start drinking wine at lunch. France has the lowest percentage of cardiovascular diseases. And it’s not because they eat low fat food, it’s because they drink wine with the non low fat food they’re eating. Stop buying toast bread that can hold out in your kitchen drawer for a week. Buy bread in local bakeries, and if the bread you buy today is still good tomorrow, change your bakery. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. And last but not least: Unless it’s forbidden by your official local authorities, start drinking tab water. You’ll be just fine.


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